The Prince of Piety?

As we stand on the edge of a precipice with social, financial and political uncertainty – a Prince of the Realm has issued an extraordinary edict on his new website that the British tabloid media are nothing more than nasty bullies and as such must now dress in the proverbial ‘sack cloth and ashes’ for the crime of having the audacity to publish legitimate stories in the public interest about this Prince and his spouse including the following:

  • Their hypocrisy over climate change.
  • The secrecy surrounding the birth of their son.
  • Some pretty eye watering financial excesses.
  • Their aggressive use of public media including the use of planted ‘official sources’ (can we have a round of applause for Omid Mio Scobie please!) and the troubling reports that the notorious Sunshine Sachs are on the Sussex payroll.

If you have nothing better to do – take a look at this company’s aggressive use of fake news, deleting comments and insipid saturation as well as the backstories of their clientele including the original #MeToo poster boy Harvey Weinstein.

All of which leaves you wondering IF the name of ‘Sunshine Sachs’ is more than just a little contradiction in terms?

However, I digress. Let’s return to the charge sheet…

  • We have had those incessant demands for privacy as they simultaneously violated the privacy of several American bloggers who had refused to bend at the knee in sycophantic worship at the Chapel of Sussex.
  • Oh! And how can we possibly forget those of familial tales of exiled fathers, siblings, nieces, friends, dogs…
  • AND if all that’s not enough – they also stand accused of driving the mother of this precious Prince to an early grave!

But let’s just pause for a moment shall we?

The British tabloid media did NOT kill the Princess of Wales – she died having accepted a lift in the City of Paris from a chauffeur one balmy August evening who then drove too fast while under the influence of drink.

She also forgot to wear a seat belt…

But over in Sussex La La Land with this intrepid duo – the truth has now become an inconvenient irritant along with the Daily Mail message boards, flying economy, pesky protocol, monarchical decorum and travelling irons.

Now, what I would LOVE to know is how this Prince of the Realm was able to sign his name to a statement which lectures the reader on the principle of democracy while keeping a straight face?

Yes! A man who ONLY by virtue of progeny born into a monarchical bastion of heredity privilege, unearned wealth and general unaccountably is chatting D.E.M.O.C.R.A.C.Y.

Now, just take a moment or two to let that thought sink in…

Further Reading:

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‘Fly Away Meghan’- The Times (September 2019)

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Should the Taxpayer Pay? – GMTV (June 2019)

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‘Unmasked’ – The Daily Mail (February 2019)

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